Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Fresh Post (finally)

Yes, I know, I have not posted in far too long.  I underestimated how much pregnancy changes your palette, tastes, and ability to sit for longer than 45 minutes at any given time; B and I eat out less and my preference tends be for the casual, no frills establishments, like Chic Fil A (one should never underestimate the power and joy of an eclectic variety of dipping sauces). But I digress...

Lime Fresh is one of the various Tex-Mex eateries that have nourished me from the first trimester through now. The Miami chain landed in Clarendon late last year, and, true to its name, serves up consistently fresh, flavorful fare.  With my visits having numbered into the double digits at this point, I can confidently assert that the quality of food and level of service is consistently excellent.  While not the healthiest option on the block, I appreciate the variety, the salsa bar, and the  friendly dining room staff.

If not from the outside, the first thing you will notice upon entering is the music.  It is pumping, fun, and yes, you may hear songs that you haven't listened to since your prom in the 90s.  My go-to entrees are a crisp taco salad, which is kicked up with shredded carrots and topped with a generous serving of housemate guacamole as well as the chicken queso burrito, a large bundle of black beans, grilled chicken, luscious queso, jalapenos and sour cream.   You order at the counter, but your food is brought to your table, where you don't have to get up again; if you need more salsa, drink refill, etc., the dining room staff will take care of it.  It is this touch that sets Lime Fresh apart from its competitors.  In Clarendon, there is a middle aged Eastern European woman who is especially helpful and friendly; she always makes my day.

If you are looking for a satisfying, flavorful, casual one-order meal, Lime Fresh in Clarendon has you covered for about $10.

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