Monday, January 16, 2012

A breath of fresh bakery air: LeoNora

LeoNora Bakery dazzles with the founder's earnest and successful dedication to the fine art of French bread and pastry making.  The baguette is the closest to a traditional Parisian that B and I have found in DC--with LeoNora's opening, Patisserie Poupon is now a runner-up on this count.  The gluttonous, buttery pastries, at about $2.50 a piece, are also finger-licking good--the chocolate croissant is flaky with a rich, decadent filling.  The "croissant muffin" is similar to a very tender brioche, but has the mouth-feel of a buttery cloud.

Perhaps my favorite part about this new bakery is the lack of pretense.  The no-frills storefront occupies one of the few remaining drab storefronts in Clarendon.  But the attention is 100% on the craft of bread and pastry making.  Unlike so many new neighborhood offerings, LeoNora is not a scene, but rather a breath of pastry-scented fresh air!

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  1. Really like your blog that showcases the food delights around DC, it looks like their are some great eating places their, like to visit some time. I really like the look of these pastries, bakeries seem to be a dying breed where I live in the UK (apart from Greggs:)