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Food field Trip NYC: Tipsy Parson

Foodie Garogyle Upper West Side

Evidence of the ever-changing nature of the New York City restaurant scene is found in the newly opened Tipsy Parson, a shabby-chic Southern eatery which occupies the space of of a former laundromat. This Chelsea original combines tongue-in-cheek elements (behind a a long church pew a wall papered with faux bookshelves) with takes on classic Southern dishes (grits, hush-puppies). The neighborhood crowd within is a diverse mix of the well healed, well dressed socialites, and fabulous men.

And while the ambiance is enticing, it is the food that is the real draw. The meal starts with a dense, moist take on cornbread served with a pepper jelly. This teaser goes well with any one of their dozen or so whimsical takes on classic drinks like the Tipsy toddy.

Tipsy Parson: Cornbread

Tipsy Parson has a myriad of Southern fried snacks as starters such as mouth-watering briny fried oysters and sweet crunchy hush puppies that yield to a smooth center. Their take on deviled eggs was solid, but nothing extraordinary.

Tipsy Parson: Fried Oysters

The entrees are hearty. Catfish is a tough fish to do delicately, but not here! Their broiled, spice dusted preparation elevated the fish to incredibly tender and flavorful. I would not have guessed catfish could be this good. The mushrooms underneath coupled with a hearty greens saute provided a depth of flavor.

Tipsy Parson: Catfish

The short ribs were similarly elevated, but more in a down home direction -- akin to a pot roast, but much juicier -- and were served a top a mountain of grits.

Tipsy Parson: Shortribs

And desserts are no slouch either. The last of our first choice, the homemade peanut butter cup, was taken by the adjacent table, and I tried my best not to glare or pout in disappointment. Fortunately our waiter stepped in and suggested a bourbon sundae of caramel, hot fudge pecan blondie bites and smoked pecan brittle, with an adult kick of bourbon pecan gelato. And it was definitely big enough to share with some left over among three adults.

Tips Parson: Bourbon Sundae

Other than a service/kitchen timing glitch: our appetizers came out about one minute before our entrees, this was delicious and fun dining experience we hope to repeat.  Prices here are reasonable with entrees in the low to mid 20s.Dinner for two with appetizers, three beers, entrees, and a shared dessert with tax and tip came to $115.

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