Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revisiting Ris

Ris Rush Hour at the Bar from 4 - 6:30pm
$5 wine options and $6 speciality cocktails

I wonder if the conundrum of where to eat before a show at the Kennedy Center might plague other food-minded theater-goers.  On the high-end, there is Marcel's, which even comes with complimentary car service.  But where do you go if you are looking for something nice without breaking the bank?  Our answer last week was the West End's Ris, which is a nice stroll--or a very short cab ride--away from the theater.

This past trip, we were happy to experience the same attentive service, relaxing ambiance, and playful takes on classic American fare that we had seen during our pilgrim voyage to Ris last winter.  Another constant, given its location adjacent to the lobby of the Ritz residences, is that the fellow dining room clients (at least at 6pm) can give the atmosphere the twinge of an upscale cafeteria for the geriatric set.  But youthful playfulness returns with the first sip of a creative cocktail: Harvestini anyone?

Ris: Charcuterie Plate

We started with light, plump, salty oysters on the half-shell (not pictured), before moving onto to this rich, but playfully presented plate.  I adored the smooth duck liver parfait, and the foie gras torchon with port poached figs came in a close second.  The dish also included pork rillettes with Dijon potato salad, veal terraine, and prosciutto with grilled pear and blue whipped cream.

Ris: Monkfish Ossobuco over Lobster Risotto

This bone-in monkfish got a treatment often reserved for veal.  The lobster risotto added to the richness, making this fish-centered dish fit for a cold evening.

Ris: Braised Lamb Shank
This is my favorite preparation of lamb shank anywhere in DC.  A caramelized crust gives way to succulent and juicy meat, while the chickpeas, tangy yogurt, pita, pomegranate, mint and pine nuts lend a Mediterranean flair.  And it tastes as good as it looks.

Dinner for two with a half dozen oysters, charcuterie plate, two entrees, two glasses of Prosecco, two glasses of wine, tax and tip was $165.  To make this an even more affordable theatre dining experience, check out the Marquee menu available before 6:30 and after 10 featuring three courses for $35.

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  1. i would love to try that risotto! Yum!